About Us

Working formerly as Mine Jewelry, Sehti Na established her first line in 1999 with two signature pieces: the “Wish charm”, and a glamorous reinterpretation of the punk classic “safety pin” earring (in 14 carat gold).

A piece of 14k gold on a red silk thread, the “Wish Charm” was inspired by the Brazilian tradition of a wish-making ribbon. It gave birth to believing in a wish by wearing it as a symbolic piece of jewelry; the red string gives life and the 14k gold charm gives the value of promise.

These two bona fide classics are representative of Sehti’s philosophy and pioneering spirit: drawing on both tradition and imagination to create something unique.

After a five year hiatus pursuing personal ventures, Sehti is back with her eponymous line; a paired down collection that focuses on her classics and basics in categories: this season the category is and will be earrings.

With a BFA in fine arts and a major in sculpture from New York’s Parsons School of Design, Sehti still employs the old tradition of lost wax casting and making models that are, wherever possible, carved by her own hand.

 Sehti Na has been featured in publications worldwide including Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Marie Claire and Lucky. In 2007, Mine Jewelry was a semi finalist for the prestigious Ecco Domani Fashion Awards and, famously, made regular appearances on Sex and the City. Notable supporters and fans include Kate Moss, Sara Jessica Parker, Sophia Coppola, and Rhianna amongst others. Her collection has been sold to Barney’s, Collete, Ikram, Fred Segal, amongst other fine retailers.



Forget the chandelier earrings and knuckle duster cocktail rings. Jewelry designer Sehti Na creates subtle gold pieces with a tender touch.

“It’s jewelry for women who don’t wear jewelry… Mine Jewelry pieces become keepsakes and rarely see the bottom of a jewelry box… Her range of reference is eclectic… the seventies punk movement gives rise to safety pin earrings; hip hop culture begets the “bite” ring… All of this is charmingly unobtrusive; a stellar mix of youthful spirit and adult elan.”